Con Amore is managed by Kathrin Dobmann, Nicole di Ciaula and José van Asperen. Kathrin, born in München, has come to live in Italy in 2001 to follow up on her dream of living in Tuscany after finishing University Germanistik studies. Nicole, from Bonn, has a professional degree in tailoring and fashion design. Since her childhood she visited Tuscany with the result to meet and fall in love with her husband. José is a creative and sociable planner with a background in communications. The German-Dutch event planning team is very professional and compassionate. Kathrin and José got married in Tuscany, while Nicole got married in Puglia, so they know how demanding, yet rewarding the organisation of such an event can be. Their organisation skills and enthusiastic responses of the guests inspired them to start working as wedding planners. In addition the desire to share the impressive Tuscan beauty with other couples to be, convinced them to start planning for others. Through the years, Con Amore has built a network of qualified contacts in Tuscany. They know exactly who the right caterer is for your wedding dinner, where to get the most delicious wedding cake, which prosecco goes best with that and how stunning the view is of every wedding party venue in their portfolio.

    Photography: Angelica Braccini