For Italians a wedding is an immense and monumental event. To invite more than 100 or even over 200 guests is no exception. It is quite common to offer all of the invitees lunch or dinner and it is fairly rare to serve less than four courses. In the southern regions, it is even quite usual to start with lunch, followed by dinner and afterwards celebrate until sunrise. Would you like a traditional Italian wedding? Do you prefer a smaller and more intimate wedding, perhaps even only with the two of you? It is your day and everything is possible!

A marriage in Tuscany is more then a one day experience. Flying to Italy has become a lot cheaper in the past years. All the more reason to visit the country once or twice before the marriage, to examine wedding venues or to do some serious shopping.

Do you really want to spoil your friends and relatives and offer them a day they will always remember? In that case, there is almost nothing better to think of then to invite them for a Tuscan wedding. Without doubt, most of the guests will stay for several days or for a proper Italian holiday.

Some ideas for things to do, while everybody is around: a bite to eat with friends at a nice pizzeria or trattoria in the evening before the wedding, a wine tasting or a lunch with the relatives in the countryside the day after. Also the anticipation and the fun afterwards will make a wedding in Tuscany an unforgettable experience!

The organisation of a wedding is a time-consuming and challenging job. Without doubt, it is even more demanding to get married abroad. The paper work, the searching for the right wedding venue and the negotiating with suppliers, especially in Italian, are large obstacles. Con Amore can help you out with the planning and organization of your wedding in Tuscany, by taking the work out of your hands and designing a creative wedding program.

    Photography: ArtStudio54